The barrel based on aircraft grade aluminum and true carbon technology. The strength of carbon component used to produce Chaos barrel has been numerously tested by experiments performed in aerial industry. The front of the barrel is made of 100% pure carbon and is not mixed with any other materials, the carbon is durable and there is no risk of scratching the inside when swabbing. The front made of carbon is coated with lacquer on the outside and with chemically hardened resin on the inside. The goal is to achieve maximum durability and resistance in regular game use. Due to its true carbon fiber structure and surface the product delivers almost self-cleaning after a ball break, the paint is simply blown out of the barrel.

Thanks to its 55mm long ball leading the user receives ultimate shoot precision and close to perfect ball grouping, classic porting delivers stable velocity consistency and suppressed sound displacement. The use of carbon results in obtaining a product of unbeatable ultra light weight, the barrel weights only 55 grams. Besides its playing values the barrel has unique cool look of a snake skin, each barrel is laser engraved with exact bore size and Chaos logo, all packed into an elegant wooden box. All Chaos barrels are hand assembled and thoroughly quality checked. Chaos barrels offer wide range of bores and threads availability. We advise our customers to remember that best results are being accomplished with good quality paintballs.

Available bore sizes : .686 , .689

Available threads : Autococker, Tippmann/BT

Threads coming soon : Ion, Tippmann 98

Available Lenghts : 14? , 16?